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LiveCollage Pro FAQ

Q:  How to change / clear default pic border or pic mask ?

A: Go to collage editor page, Tap “Frame” -> Choose your favorite  pic border/pic mask .

If you want remove pic border or pic mask, just tap “White” frame to clear it!

Q:  How to close Text/Frame/Sticker/Share edit menus ?

A:  Tap any empty area of the screen to close these edit menus.

Q:  Great collages made by LiveCollage

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Q: How to favorite collage?

A: Go to home page,  double-tap collage preview cell to add to favorites.

Q: How to access  favorited collage layouts?

A: Go to home page,  tap bottom-left corner button “Default” -> Tap “Favorites”

Q: How to access  recent used collage layout?

A: Go to home page,  tap bottom-left corner button “Default” -> Tap “Recent”

Q: How to view saved collages ?

A: Go to home page,  tap “gallery” button located at bottom toolbar – > view saved collages

Q: How to add photo frame to photo ?

A: Go to collage editor page -> tap “Frame” button – > Choose your favorite photo frames.

If you have some questions, you can follow us at instagram : @livecollage

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MiFrame FAQ

Q:  How to switch  between 2D  & 3D collages modes ?


Q: How much collage layouts ?

A:  More than 1000 popular layouts choose from!

And you can download new layouts from built-in shop for FREE!

Q: What’s ratios MiFrame support?


Q: What’s about  Magazine – Style Collage?

A: All Magazine-Style collages are well designed and help you make gorgeous collages in seconds! Just tap to import your photos!

MiFrame support Square, Portrait,LandScape Magazine – Style collages.


If you have some questions, you can follow us at instagram : @livecollage

Thanks for your support and make LiveCollage to the world most popular collage app!



UCamera Help

Welcome to UCamera.  Hope you love our app. If you have any questions, please contact us at: ucamera_help@gmail.com or follow us on Instagram/twitter @ucamera_help





First, click “Edit”


then, hold”Hold 2 Talk” to show mike, then speak!


App Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

July 2, 2012

We think your online privacy is very important and we’ll do our best to protect it. This web page describes the type of personal information we collect from you and what we do with it. We hope you find it useful in deciding whether or not to share information about yourself with us.

First, we would like to stress that we follow the privacy requirements provided by Facebook for all applications that wish to participate in the Facebook ecosystem.

Information We Used

  • When you authorize app to access your Facebook account, we collect and store some information about you, such as your Facebook identifier which we use to save your photo frame or collage or image to your  photo album. The full list of information we collect is presented to you on the Facebook authorization screen.

Policy Changes

Because we continually try to add useful new features to the app, we might start collecting information beyond what has been described in this policy. In this case, we will update this policy promptly so you know what has been changed. Please do check back frequently.

More Information

We do our best to protect your privacy and to keep our privacy policy easy to understand. If you have further questions regarding your privacy, please contact us at: click2mobile_dev@yahoo.com