Click2Mobile focus on mobile app develop! If you have any questions, please contact us at livecollage.us@gmail.com



34 thoughts on “About

    • hi, which app you have used? For “Pimp your Message”, your friend can receive your message. Note make sure your friends have enabled MMS service for their android devices.

  1. Textgram app doesn’t clear previous text after iti is sent and the app is closed out. Also, when I tap feedback, Dev email address is blank.

  2. Hello,

    I admire all the applications click2mobile has to offer. I am wondering how you guys launch your apps so successfully. Your apps are launched straight up into the top charts as soon as it is released. Do you guys have an active web presence, an extensive email list, or an in-app booster?

    What I like is that you guys are able to create quality apps and I want to encourage you guys to continue creating great apps.



  3. I am having a hard time printing these pics at the store. The boarders are cut off along with a portion of the pic.
    My friend is experiencing the same issue.
    We both LOVE this app & want to share with family members who don’t have a computer etc. is there any setting I just adjust?
    Thank you!!

  4. Can you tell me if there is a liveCollage app from click2mobile for android….??? My sister have it on her iphone en she love it. I want it too on my Android phone, but can’t find it….


  5. The app won’t let me use the text function on my collages.
    I type the words I want on my collage but the collage is blank. My text doesn’t appear. Help.

  6. Is it possible to let the user add the photo cells? You have the pin boards which allow us to move our photos around in a free-form fashion, and we can delete cells as we work, but we can’t add cells when we’re in the middle of a project and discover we want to add another photo.

    Also, it would be nice to have the cell proportions flexible–allow us to unlock the cell proportions. And allow us to make a cell as large as the canvas.

    We can bring in png images but they have to be reduced to the size of one of the stickers and then we can use the sticker template to cut around the png, paste the resized ping onto the canvas, and then enlarge it by using the handles. Can we be allowed to bring in png images as stickers without having to resize?

    Thank you

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