LiveCollage Pro FAQ

Q:  How to change / clear default pic border or pic mask ?

A: Go to collage editor page, Tap “Frame” -> Choose your favorite  pic border/pic mask .

If you want remove pic border or pic mask, just tap “White” frame to clear it!

Q:  How to close Text/Frame/Sticker/Share edit menus ?

A:  Tap any empty area of the screen to close these edit menus.

Q:  Great collages made by LiveCollage

76 5 4 3 2 1



Q: How to favorite collage?

A: Go to home page,  double-tap collage preview cell to add to favorites.

Q: How to access  favorited collage layouts?

A: Go to home page,  tap bottom-left corner button “Default” -> Tap “Favorites”

Q: How to access  recent used collage layout?

A: Go to home page,  tap bottom-left corner button “Default” -> Tap “Recent”

Q: How to view saved collages ?

A: Go to home page,  tap “gallery” button located at bottom toolbar – > view saved collages

Q: How to add photo frame to photo ?

A: Go to collage editor page -> tap “Frame” button – > Choose your favorite photo frames.

If you have some questions, you can follow us at instagram : @livecollage

Thanks for your support and make LiveCollage to the world most popular collage app!


35 thoughts on “LiveCollage Pro FAQ

  1. Why do all my collage templates appear to have snowflakes on them? It’s not something I’ve intentionally done, it just started happening since I installed the latest update, help please, I want them back to normal!

  2. Well, I am attempting to have my problem addressed yet again. I upgraded to pro and now the app doesn’t open. I have reinstalled numerous times, cleared the recent apps section and hard restarted. I have written several times So next I she’ll be requesting a refund through Apple.

      • How incredibly useless this so calories help section is. Of course I restarted, that is what ‘hard restart” means. And since it has been about two weeks now since I upgraded it has been turned off and on at the very
        East 30 times. Any other brilliant suggestions or should I just go ahead and request a refund?

  3. I wrote on Jan 28 trying to find out how to group delete photos in LiveCollage that are hogging data space. I can only seem to delete one at a time (and I have hundreds!). I save them all to my Photo Library after I create them and didn’t realize that they have been saved in LiveCollage as well. Any help would be appreciated. Would deleting the app delete all the photos? And then I could reload the app?

      • Thanks much!! Great news. I did end up deleting the app, which deleted the entire gallery, prior to your reply. Then loaded the app again. That worked. Gained 5GB of space on my phone almost instantly!!

    • hi, you can edit your photo with sharpen, brighten feature by following way with in LiveCollage:

      tap photo – > click “Edit” -> scroll bottom tool bar -> tap “Lighting” -> Enjoy!

  4. Hi!
    I can’t allow at my gallery photos for do my collage.
    The instacolllage tell me it’s enable. When I select camera roll tell me the warning.
    How can look for a solution?

  5. I am trying to clean up storage space on my IPhone. Your app says it’s only 140 MB yet in my storage management it says it’s using up 1.1GB of data! I only have 8 photos saved in the gallery, so it’s not that. Any suggestions as to what might be hogging all this data related to your app? Should I delete it and reinstall it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love your app — it’s my “Go To” app for all things collage! But I hate that it’s taking up so much precious space on my phone.

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